Rotary Melting Furnace

The rotary melting furnace is the most flexible and universal design of equipment to recycle Aluminium scrap. Due to the nature of its operation all scrap forms can be recycled with good results.

The rotary furnace is rotated either by a friction drive wheel system or a positive rack/pinion or chain drive depending upon the size and production requirements. A single door is utilised with either vertical, horizontal rotation or a pendulum type swing arrangement depending upon the plant layout.

A high efficiency fume extraction system is provided either fixed directly on the furnace which tilts with the furnace and exhausts through a rotary joint or simply by a high level fume collection hood / housing.

Rotary furnaces have been traditionally static but over recent years tilting designs have been implemented due to the many advantages with regard to reduced cycle times, yields and consumptions.

Our experts are occupied in manufacturing a wide range of Rotary Furnace that is available in various capacities. Rotary furnace is gas fired, diesel fired of furnace oil fired. The rotary furnace is rotated or tilted. We are a trusted name engaged in manufacturing superior quality Rotary Furnace. Duly lined with refractory lining in combination with Castable of wide grades, the ranges outstandingly perform, achieving the maximum efficiency of the furnace. Further, the lining also reduces the skin temperature of the furnace. Precision engineered product finds application in industries including forging industry, aluminum industry. The furnace is very usable for melting the Aluminium especially in the case or scrap melting.
We offer the following types of Rotary Furnaces:

i) One Side Cone Rotary Furnace

We also deal in One Side Cone Rotary Furnaces. These products are manufactured with the most advanced technologies and high quality raw materials. They are commonly used for precise heating of various types of materials. Our team of experienced professionals conducts extensive research to provide a flawless product, which is with accordance to the international standard.

ii) Hydraulic Tilting Rotary , Hydraulic Tilting Rotary

Our range of rotary retort furnace is offered with separate control panel & hydraulic / mechanical tilting arrangement. Appreciated for excellent quality, these are used in bearing ball, rolls and other minute components for hardening, normalizing, gas carbonizing and heat treatment process. We also offer customized form design according to the clients’ details.

Gas Fired Rotary Melting Furnaces

We are a premium manufacturer of gas fired rotary melting furnaces which are circular furnace with the shell in horizontal shape and fitted with 2 conical shaped ends. Its shell is fitted with two separate rider rings duly machined which are rotated by four wheels fitted on the bed. Some of the essentials of our product are:

The furnace is fabricated in three separate parts.

The two supporting rollers drive the furnace with the help of gear box fitted on the bed.

The gear box is coupled with an electric motor.

The furnace is heated by means of one no Gas fired burner fitted on a separate frame.

A combustion air blower is included in our scope of supply.


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